Live Services & OnlineMeetings


LiveServices Are Available As -

(1) Pre-scheduled: As Announced For Some Services, Conferences Or Meetings. Please, visit this website's Home page as well as the "Upcoming" events page.

(2) Unscheduled: At Short Notices (Due To The Incidence Of Weather, Roads Flooding, etc.) Please, visit the following media for current/ongoing "Updates": Whatsapp, SMS/Text, & FB/Online Forums.

To Access The Media For Scheduled Services/Online Broadcast/Podcast, Please Click On The Button As Applicable. For Youtube: Once There, You Can Play The Videos Online. However, If You Don't Have A Youtube Free Account, It Gives You The Chance To First Open A Free Youtube Account To Be Able To Subscribe, Comment, Or Like The Videos.

Podcast/Broadcast/Audio Button Temporarily Unavailable. See Website Home Page For 1-2 Available Audio. Then, Pls Return Here Soon For A Longer List.

To Sign Up Into The Media For Unscheduled Or Short Notices, Whatsapp, Text/SMS, Or FB/Online Forums Please Complete A Quick Online Form. Do Specify All Or Which Medium You Are Requesting Access To: Click On The Button Below (While There, Scroll Down To Find The Form)

Online Meetings/Webinar

To Access The Media For Online Meetings- Conference/Workshop/Webinar Or Groups: First, You Will Need To Have The  Software. It Is Available To Download & Use free (See External Link Below). Second, We Need To Send You The Login & Password Details. To Enable Us To Do So, Click On The Button Applicable.

External Link To Software For Online Meetings.               
 Click On The Button

To Obtain Your Login/Password For Online Meetings,

Click On The Button Below

(While There, You May Have To Scroll Down To FindThe Form)