Sun/Wed Service Notices

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 FRCC Local Members (10am Membership Care Service on
(i) There is a Communion table: Wonderful if you can have a piece of bread & a little glass of drink (juice/Ribena, etc.) ready, either now or for subsequent Services.
Don’t worry, If you don’t have it for today or don’t even understand the communion. The other parts of the Service are for you. For those who are communion-table ready, please wait to be told Take; bread 1st (we all eat at the same time), then the drink.  
(2) You can use the button "Share your testimony" to sign up and then be scheduled to share during the present or next Care Service at 10.30am.
(3) Giving time has the usual window of time for Giving as with an indoor Service. At that Giving time, you have options. You can Give after the prayer is said either by:  
(i) Bank transfer/online card: use your mobile phone or go to our 'SiteLock secured' ( below).
(ii) Account details on the Online Giving Card (download from the home/front page on this website).  

(iv) Link to "SiteLock Secure" Giving page is below. Once there,  you may scroll down to find "Options for Giving".

Announcement: Sunday 12th & Wed 15thApril 2020  

Welcome Everyone to our Resurrection Service Live. Welcome also to all other friends and guests joining us around Australia and the nations.
(1) Both the Wednesday 7pm Service and the Sun 11pm Service run Live from the website. For our national and international family and audience, please visit the Ministry website at and note the Sunday slight change of time to 11pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time, AEST).
(2) For local church-family, the Sunday start time is 10.30am for membership care-Service. It runs on conferencecall. Please obtain online meeting ID from the church whatsapp forum or the members home page at, or perhaps, SMS to the church mobile to obtain the login ID. Note that the 11pm Worship Service streams out of the church website, front/home page at All other details you need for a comfortable and seamless participation in the Service have been loaded for you on that front page of the church website: These include “To Give a testimony”, “To view local church notices”, “To Download Giving Card”, or “To Give”, “To inquire or send information”.
(3) Open Bible College Night For All: Wed Nights In April. This special programme  runs from 8.30pm [that is after the Regular Service@7pm-8.15 has ended on FaithRev YouTube]. It is on the subject Your Tough Q & A In These Troubled Times: Tribulation Or The Great Tribulation? This special April programme runs as ‘Life & Truth Webinar’ In Times Like This. It will run online at (not on youtube or facebook pls).
At this Q & A Webinar: Share or hear the answers and learn more from Bible Scholars who know the truth; and please grow tough & strong in the Lord and in the power of his might (Eph 6:10) For, "a man of knowledge increaseth strength" (Prov 24:5). Interact with Christian leaders & ministers (Faith Revival/BiMAL Institute students: Brisbane, Gold Coast & Zambian campuses). See faces, hear different perspectives of the same unchanging truth. Any Believer in Jesus Christ can attend: Just do a 2-step sign up process (a) Sign up free at (b) Receive online ID: limited space on first-come-first-serve basis.

(4) This Service includes a Giving time. During this window of time, account details will be on the screen and you have options. After the prayer is said, local members to use the dashboard on the front page of the website None locals and international audience can Give either by: Bank transfer or online card: Please go to our 'SiteLock secured' Page on our website, titled on the menu "Finance N Giving" at Ministry website May you continue to be blessed all through this Service.