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Water Baptism

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The Baptisms: School of the Bible (SOB)

The Baptisms 1: (a) Baptism to the Body of Christ     (b) Water Baptism (c) Baptism of the Holy Spirit

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The Baptisms 2: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

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Marriage Dedication

For Information On Marriage Dedication And/Or To Sign Up, Please Click On The Link Below: This Is An A4 Size, 2-page PDF Doc. Print Page 1 Out, Then Print Page 2 On The Back Side, Fold Into Pamphlet-Format.

 Home/Connect-Group Or Personal Growth

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Complete A Home/Connect-Group Slip

[You can self-nominate yourself to lead or offer your home/venue]

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FRCC Connect group brochure to guide you set up, run for couple of weeks, before your Bible study part 1 is due. Please keep simple records/notebook of your meeting in order to update the Church Office.

The brochure is A4 size, pdf. Print out the first page. Turn over the printed page to print page 2. Fold into a brochure format.

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[3]Bible Study Pamphlets

(1) Bible study pamphlet that you can do section-by-section: Depending on what time frame you have set, determine how much of study you can do per meet, and mark-out sections for each meet. The entire pamphlet should go for 3-4 meetings before we send you another one. Please place your request 5 business/office days in advance. Email

(2) For Connect Groups: Feel free to get workmates, friends and neighbours together to form a group.

(3) If you work hard together for about 2-3 months, you can request a pastoral visit to commission your group formally for greater works.